Last words naturally carry a lot of meaning and importance. Before Jesus left the earth He spoke his famous last words. This speech has been correctly titled in some Bibles with ‘THE GREAT COMMISSION’.  It contains Jesus’ simple assignment to every future believer: “Go preach the Gospel to every creature, go make disciples of all the nations. Use the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out demons, heal the sick, speak in tongues and walk under supernatural protection. What could go wrong? Today, 2000 years later and the Church is not even close to finishing our homework:

3,190,000,000 people have never heard the gospel
That is 41,6% of the world population!

Traveling through the nations and ministering in many churches, we have noticed a huge need for evangelism training. The church needs help in turning back to THE GREAT COMMISSION. When the right information, instruction and examples were provided we witnessed how churches quickly transformed into soul winning families. That motivated us to collect all our evangelism experience into one manual called the EVANGELISM ACTIVATION TRAINING. God has given us a vision to give this training in every capital around the world and lead  local believers in evangelism.



95% of all Christians has
never WON a single soul to Jesus
and we want to change that!

With our training program and evangelism outreaches we are working hard to get the change in the church that is needed to raise up the laborers and bring in the harvest. We believe to see an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit, an unparalleled end time revival and an unrivaled harvest of souls. Focusing on the full time task of preaching, training and evangelizing means that we depend on donors to help us financially. We would be honored to partner with you. So…


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