Jesus did not send us to preach the Gospel and then go home to enjoy the rest of our lives. He told us to make disciples. That means to care for the new believers and help them grow to spiritual maturity. The way the early church did that was through planting churches in the cities where they ministered. The church was the designated place to meet God, to enjoy your spiritual family and to get trained to be send out yourself to serve God. World Outreach Network started to build up a chain of church plants under the name Upstream Church.

Paul and Barnabas appointed elders in every church. With prayer and fasting, they turned the elders over to the care of the Lord, in whom they had put their trust. (Acts 14:23)

Upstream Church is a soul winning church. That means that our first priority is to reach and win unbelievers with our services. The first reason for that is to increase worship for God by turning rebels into worshipers. The second reason for that is to save sinners/unbelievers from eternal damnation. The third reason for that is to disciple Christians to be like Jesus by imitating his life style of supernatural soul winning accompanied with signs and wonders. Our first church plant is in Limasol, Cyprus. But we are already praying for a new churches in Nicosia and other places in the Middle East.


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