Foundation World Outreach Network

Name: Stichting World Outreach Network

RSIN: 823249621

E-mail address: info @
Mailing address: Postweide 121, 4285 DV, Woudrichem

a. To preach and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and people.
b. To found mission bases and to send evangelism teams to many different countries.
c. To make disciples by starting churches and Bible schools in different nations
d. To train, equip and send new missionaries for the task of world missions and evangelism.
e. To have fundraising for and/or support new or native missionaries who don’t have (yet) financial independency.
f. To promote further activities which relate to the goals mentioned above.

Policy plan
The foundation wants to reach her purposes through:
a. To set up evangelism campaigns, mission trips, training courses, healing- deliverance conferences, Bible studies and teachings.
b. To found and lead mission bases where the participators are able to do and promote the work of the foundation.
c. To found and lead new churches where new believers are discipled and trained.
d. To found and lead Bible schools where workers and missionaries can be trained and sent out
e. To provide in PR, fundraising and administration in a professional way for the missionaries in the network
f. To start and support projects where local missionaries work and are supplied in their sustenance. 

a. The foundation is a non-profit organization.
b. The capital of the foundation are provided by

           1. Income from activities of the foundation;
          2. Inheritances, legacies and donations;
          3. Subsidies and contribution;
          4. Revenue from business and other investements;
          5. Any other benefits.

c. The financial year is equal to the calendar year
d. The board is obligated to keep records of the assets of the foundation and everything related to the activities of the foundation as well as the requirements arising from these activities. It keeps the associated books, documents and other data in such a way, that its rights and obligations can be known at all times.
e. The treasurer makes every year before the first of July a financial report. The secretary makes every year a report of the activities in the last financial year. These reports are annual reports of the foundation.
f. The board can appoint an expert to check the financial statements.
g. The board makes annually in December at the latest a budget for the next financial year.

a. The board members don’t get a reward for their activities.
b. The board can (by exception) grant a member with an allowance because of his investment and time which was more than usual connected to his function. This decision will only be taken by unanimous votes and is written and signed by every board member. This decision can be revised at any time by simple majority decision.
c. The expenses incurred by board members are reimbursed, the relevant board member can waive this in favor of the foundation.
d. Commercial or professional deliveries, activities or services by a board member to or for the benefit of the foundation require the prior written consent of all other board members. The same applies if the board member has an indirect interest in these deliveries, activities or services.

Board composition
a. The foundation is represented by the board, as well as by two members of the board acting jointly with the functions of chairman, secretary and / or treasurer.
b. The daily management of the foundation consists of a number to be determined by the board of at least three and at most seven members of the board, including at least the chairman, the secretary and the treasurer.

Names of the board
Chairman: V. Fiege
Treasurer: follows
Secretary: M. Wisse
General board member: W. Fiege
General board member: J. Weiss

Advisory board
K. Kant, D. de Graaf, R. Veenstra, H. Fiege, K. van Twillert

Annual report
2018 Financial report 
2017 Financial report

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